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Our Services


Our mentoring and editing group functions as a supportive and nurturing service for the new, the not so new and the experienced writer. The team pays rigorous attention to detail, yet each mentor is informal and approachable. We offer one-off intensive support or, alternatively, build an extended relationship as you slowly develop your project.


The editors focus on giving up-close analysis, including annotations and commentary on the text, comments on the specifics of language, plot, character, ideas, pace, setting, dialogue, drama, tone and structure, from sentence use to paragraphing to the rhythm of chapters. We aid the development of critical awareness, build technique and help to maximise linguistic and creative strengths, while diminishing weaknesses. We often make reference to published works and give suggestions for further reading to support your individual project.


We augment the textual commentary with a more generic report (1,500 – 4,000 words) where key issues are addressed, strengths and weaknesses are summarised and suggestions made for moving forward. We offer guidelines on professional presentation and can suggest exercises to free up your writing. We can also give advice on publishing, obtaining an agent or writing a synopsis.


What We Offer


£60 per hour



£150 for up to 2,000 words

£25 for each 1,000 words thereafter


(Novel, Memoir etc.)

£275 for up to 15,000 words

£400 for up to 30,000 words

£600 for up to 60,000 words

(£10 for each 1,000 words thereafter)

*Includes line edit


Guided by the needs of the individual writer, we will drill down to the minutiae and texture of your creative output, or open up to explore its broader underpinnings such as the character interactions, ideas and narrative arc. Of course, every project is original and individual: we aim to support each author’s unique journey and apply a nuanced blend of guidance, support, confirmation, detailed annotation and generic advice.


As a team, we have published, edited, judged competitions and have taught and assessed at graduate, post-graduate and community level; we have also worked with diverse groups of age, ethnicity and educational background. Our specialisms lie in young adult fiction, crime fiction, memoir, and literary fiction (the short story and novel). If unable to immediately support your project, we can direct you to other reputable agencies who may be more tailored to your needs.


When you email with an inquiry we aim to reply within a week giving you an indication of our available time-frame. If you decide to go ahead, you may choose to work with a particular editor or alternatively we can suggest the best fit for the genre in which you are working.

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